Putnam Triangle Plaza!


UPDATED:  The Transporation and Public Safety Committee of Community Board 2 voted 10-1 to support the design of the Putnam Triangle Plaza as presented at its meeting on March 17, 2015. See the renderings and the full presentation.

Available for use by the entire community, the Putnam Triangle Plaza is a spot where you can soak up the sun, read a paper, eat lunch, do some work, play a few games of chess or hold your own event. The new open space was created after unanimous votes of support by the Community Board (download presentation); plus meetings were held with businesses, nearby institutions, block associations, and residential civic groups; a Public Workshop was held; and city agencies were consulted including FDNY, NYPD, DSNY, SBS and NYC Transit. The Putnam Triangle Plaza is located in Brooklyn's Clinton Hill neighborhood among the shops, cafes, bars and restaurants of Fulton Street at Grand Avenue.


Winter, spring, summer or fall: Performances—dancing, music, drama; Wellness activities (yoga, tai chi, etc.); Fundraisers for your block association or religous institution; Neighborhood flea market... the Plaza is here for the entire community to use.

No need to ask FAB Alliance for permission. To reserve the space for an event and obtain permits simply apply to the NYC Street Activity Permit Office which oversees activities on streets and in Plazas. It's easy to apply online. Depending on your event there may be permit fees (commercial events costing more than community or non-profit activities) and then the Community Board is notified and provides necessary approvals. Also know that you may need permits from other city agencies (for example if you are having amplified sound, then you'll need a sound permit from the NYPD).

Detailed Information, FAQ's and the online application are available at nyc.gov


FAB is here to provide any assistance we can, from help with the application process, connections with FAB businesses and members, promoting your event and even brainstorming ideas. Simply contact us at your convenience and we'll see how we can help.

There's a spirit present in this neighborhood that is unique to the rest of the city.
- Adele Pham, documentary film director

Video of the Block Party to Celebrate the New Putnam Triangle Plaza, held September 25, 2011, created by filmmaker Adele Pham.

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