FAB Alliance Fulton Street Vision Plan

Friday, November 6, 2015

UPDATE (November 6, 2015):  Construction of new and redesigned public spaces are expected to begin in 2016 at Fowler Square. Beautification and public space enhancements are also coming to the intersections of Fulton & Greene and Fulton & Gates (Spring 2016). Putnam Triangle is expected to break ground early 2017. And a $100,000 FAB Alliance beautification project to plant more street trees and expand every single tree bed in the district was completed in Fall 2015. Plus, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership is spearheading the redesign and opening up of BAM Park, which is anticipated to begin construction in early 2016.

(December 12, 2013) The Fulton Street Vision Plan document covers the 1.2-mile section of Fulton Street in Clinton Hill and Fort Greene that is part of the FAB Alliance Business Improvement District. To read the full press release about this project click HERE.

The document offers a high-level conceptualization of future work to be done in the area. Community input was sought throughout a series of drafts of the plan with hundreds of community members offering their direct feedback to the plan. Several of the projects mentioned in the Vision Plan are starting to be realized. 

FAB Alliance was fortunate to partner with desigNYC, a pro bono matchmaking organization that specializes in design and architectural projects that improve the lives of New Yorkers. DesigNYC paired FAB with Matthias Altwicker of AB Architekten and Colin Brice of MAPOS, LLC. and Adam Lubinsky of WXY Architecture + Urban Design was named as desigNYC advisor on the project.
FAB’s goals were clear from the beginning: support local businesses, provide an atmosphere conducive to increased safety, engage the community and generally revitalize the specified stretch of Fulton Street. 

As the Vision Plan was created, people explored the design and usage of public spaces; relationships between pedestrians, cars, and bikes; opportunities for vacant lots and underutilized spaces; environmental initiatives; accessibility for an aging population; retail mix; sense of place; and other community needs and concerns.

CLICK to Download the 43-page Plan


FAB solicited community input throughout the process of creating the FULTON STREET VISION PLAN, starting with the launch workshop held at BAM that was attended by over 100 participants, to reviews of the draft plan in exhibited in multiple venues thorughout the area, in a storefront window for 3-months and online. To get community feedback to the ideas presented, surveys were conducted at the exhibits and online. Community input continues as each of the individual initiatives go through their public input and review processes.

Public Workshop - BAM CAFE' - June 12, 2012


On June 12, 2012 over 100 people attended a public workshop at BAM Café and participated in a collaborative process involving 3-D scale models, elevations of the entire BID district, large photos of key opportunities. FAB, in partnership with the firms, conducted the community input session to solicit ideas and suggestions and look at a range of challenges and opportunities including: finding ways to increase greening where the subway makes tree planting a challenge; connecting residential and commercial segments; utilizing public art and public spaces; identifying vacant lots and buildings as design opportunities; integrating projects in the context of planned and on-going projects; identifying retail needs; and whatever else would come out of the brainstorming session. The design team took this input and other data and began work on a draft of the Vision Plan.

Exhibited in November/December 2012 for Community Review and Input

FAB and the architects held a community meeting indoors, and then took the draft Vision Plan out to the public spaces of Fulton Street. This allowed hundreds of people to see the Plans - many of whom don't typically attend community meetings - and gave them an opportunity to provide feedback.

Fowler Square Plaza - December 2012

Putnam Triangle Plaza - December 2012

Windows of Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center - December 2012-April 2013

Community Meeting - December 2012

PHOTO:  Andrew Shilling, Queens Ledger

The final FULTON STREET VISION PLAN is a living, breathing document that will help guide the FAB Alliance and its partners as they establish priorities and advocate for enhancements to the Fulton area. The idea is to think of the concepts shown in the context of an overall vision for Fulton Street that comes from inherent qualities of the physical spaces and reflects the character of the neighborhood. The ideas presented are intended to inspire conversations about what is possible along Fulton Street.

The Fulton Area Business (FAB) Alliance would like to thank desigNYC for connecting FAB with the talented architects that make up the “Fulton Street Vision Plan” design team. Their generous contribution of time and talent has been extraordinary:

AB Architekten
Matthias Altwicker
Matthew Torres, Nisha Mary Prasad, Jamie Abrego, Anthony Gerakos

Colin Brice, AIA

WXY Architecture + Urban Design
Adam Lubinsky, PhD, AICP
Managing Principal 


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