Celebrating the NEW Putnam Triangle Plaza

Film: Adeld Pham
Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Today, let's let the words and work of this neighborhood filmmaker do the talking with her video and thoughts:

"On Sunday 9/25 I happened upon the Putnam Triangle block party to celebrate the new plaza they built there. I immediately knew this was on one of those Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy "moments" where it's like the 70s again, so I ran home and grabbed my camera. Heartwarming may be a cliche adjective, but it fits perfectly here.

"Things are not always perfect or easy, so it's wonderful to see many familiar old school Putnam Street folks keeping the dance going. Whether or not they recognize me from my Downing Street days, it was so sweet to see some of the little kids I remember from diapers, now hula hooping with the older kids.

There's a spirit present in this neighborhood that is unique to the rest of the city.

Peace planet Brooklyn, Rich Medina, and this Putnam triangle plaza thing. I dig!"

- - - Adele Pham, documentary film director

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