District Attorney Hynes comes to Fulton Street

Saturday, July 21, 2012
Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes visited a local Clinton Hill restaurant to host one of his “Cup of Joe” meetings with FAB merchants and residents. The purpose of the meeting, arranged with FAB’s cooperation, was to discuss local public safety concerns and community programs. The DA and attendees discussed the recently-established Fort Greene/Clinton Hill/Prospect Heights Alliance, a partnership of the DA’s office, the FAB Alliance, NYPD, city and state agencies, Addiction Research and Treatment Corporation (ARTC), elected officials and community groups, which addresses activity in the vicinity of two local methadone clinics, as well as other related narcotics issues.

The DA also spoke about two programs which affect Fulton Area residents and merchants, as well as the public at large. In 1990 when DA Hynes took office he promised to provide great attention and resources for the prosecution of domestic violence cases, and the support of domestic violence victims. Toward that end, he formed the Domestic Violence/Family Justice Center, which handles all domestic violences cases for Kings County . The Center works with the New York City Family Justice Center Initiative of the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, which provides assistance to victims of domestic violence. This program makes it possible for victims to receive all required services, including meeting with prosecutors, and counselors, and applying for housing and financial assistance in one visit, which has increased effectiveness of service delivery to break the cycle of violence. For services provided in Brooklyn click here.

At the beginning of his tenure, DA Hynes implemented the Drug Treatment Alternative-to-Prison Program, DTAP. The program, first of its kind in the nation, was established on the premise that drug offenders have a better chance of resisting drugs after residential treatment than if they had spent the same period of time in prison at greater taxpayer expense. The program targets drug-addicted, non-violent offenders and enters them in a drug treatment program for up to 2 years. To increase the chances of participants’ success, DTAP has a workforce development officer who guides graduates through the process of finding and maintaining employment.

The DA thanked FAB and the merchants and residents for their participation, and promised that the dialogue would continue.
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