Keeping Fulton FAB!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Since 2009, FAB's sanitation services crew has worked diligently on Fulton Street and its main FAB arteries of Lafayette, Greene and Putnam Avenues in the Fort Greene and Clinton Hill communities. The service guys are out there six days a week (sometimes seven, when it's warmer!) to maintain clean streets and enhance the neighborhood aesthetic: they empty overflowing trash cans; sweep litter off sidewalks; remove graffiti, flyers and stickers from lightposts and street furniture; and clear pathways at the plazas to pave a safer way for pedestrians in winter.

Last year, the sanitation services crew received all-new bright, colorful tees as part of their uniforms, along with branded maintenance carts, to help raise their visibility as they work on "Keeping Fulton FAB." A new addition this year is an informational "cart card" available to anyone interested in the work of the business improvement district organization.


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