Ranked Most Livable Neighborhood in Brooklyn!

Thursday, September 27, 2012
<The L Magazine>
Ranking the 13 Most Livable Neighborhoods in Brooklyn
by The Editors

In their September 26, 2012 issue, <The L Magazine> ranked the most livable neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and Fort Greene/Clinton Hill came out #1 — with Fulton Street venues highlighted as well as cultural organizations that are such a key part of the Fulton Area.

They have one point to take issue with, the area is served by 11 subway lines, not two... and two MTA bus lines run along Fulton Street. From the article: 

"Fort Greene just about has it all: two subway lines (though, granted, not the best); the large and leafy Fort Greene Park; the BAM Cultural District, Greenlight bookstore, and institutions like MoCADA; a thriving restaurant and bar scene; and the borough’s stateliest brownstones. (Bored to Death used to shoot there because it looks more like Park Slope than Park Slope.) The only problem is that with such a preponderance of amenities, it’s pretty pricey. So your only option really is to move to its slightly more affordable neighbor Clinton Hill and just live within walking distance to all that the neighborhood has to offer. Plus, Clinton Hill has its share of bars and restaurants and things, too!"

For the rankings by category, photos and look at the other neighborhoods, read the article.
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