Still going strong.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Frank’s Cocktail Lounge at 660 Fulton Street (at South Elliott Place) has been a Fort Greene staple since 1974.  With decor to match the era in which it was established and a juke box with motown and R and B, Frank’s is an old-school cocktail lounge, beloved by old and young–longtime residents and newcomers.  Tyrone Perkins, Frank’s son, is the man who keeps the 39 year-old establishment alive and kicking.

FAB: Please describe your business and your role there.

Tyrone Perkins:  Frank’s Lounge is a nice, comfortable place to come have a drink where it feels like home and you can listen to good music and live entertainment.  I’m the manager.

FAB: How did you get started in business?

Tyrone Perkins: Frank is my father, so I grew up in the business.  I started my professional career as a stockbroker.  And then went to sound engineering school to become a sound mixer.  I started dj-ing at Frank’s on and off in the early 80s.  For the past 12 years, I’ve been the manager.  

FAB: How long have you been in the area?

Tyrone Perkins:  I grew up in Crown Heights.  My grandfather owned the Kingston Lounge on Kingston and St. Marks.  My father took that over. And then he took over Club 722  from my aunt – a bar at Fulton and Cumberland.  When that closed because of eminent domain (they were building condos), he opened Frank’s.

FAB: What do you like about the area?

Tyrone Perkins:  It’s diverse.  People are nice.  It continues to evolve.  

FAB: What would you recommend to other businesses on Fulton Street to be successful?

Tyrone Perkins:  Perserverance and bring something new to the area.

FAB: What do you think of the temporary pedestrian plaza at Fowler Square?

Tyrone Perkins:  I like it.  It’s a nice place for people to gather – to come around, relax, and check out our businesses.

FAB: What would you like for the community to know about you?

Tyrone Perkins:  Nothing more than I’ve already said.

FAB: What would you like the community to know about your business?

Tyrone Perkins:  We have a dj every Friday. The upstairs space is available to rent every day except Friday. There’s 780 square feet up there. Once a month on Saturdays we have live entertainment. We have karaoke on Wednesdays; comedy every second and fourth Tuesday. Come by. See how you like it. You’ll definitely be back.

Frank’s Cocktail Lounge
660 Fulton Street (between S. Elliott and S. Portland)
Fort Greene Brooklyn
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