City of NY Parks and Recreation Clean Up Cuyler-Gore Park on Fulton Street

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
We invite you to get to know the parks and plazas near you on Fulton Street. Located on the corner of Fulton St. and Carlton you will find Cuyler-Gore Park, lined with shadded benches, a playground for kids and spray shower for hot days! On August 14, 2013 the NY City Parks Department spent time beautifying the area for your enjoyment!    

Here are some cool facts about the park courtesy of the NY City Parks Department:

A "gore" is a small triangular park, a meaning derived from the definition of a gore as a triangular piece of material inserted in a garment, sail, etc. to widen it or change its shape. It derives from the Old English word gara meaning corner. Other gore parks in Brooklyn include Cooper, Grant, Memorial, and Underhill Gores.

The western portion of this gore was purchased by the City of Brooklyn in 1845 for one dollar. The site was named for a prominent local minister, Dr. Theodore Ledyard Cuyler (1822-1909). Born in Aura, New York and educated by his mother, Cuyler graduated from Princeton College in 1841 and Princeton Theological Seminary in 1846. He served as a minister to a series of congregations in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, where he married Annie E. Mathiot in 1850.

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