Fulton Construction Updates: RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Fulton Street is a-buzz with major developments going up - or about to - activating formerly quiet stretches. Below is a round-up of projects currently underway between Vanderbilt and Classon, in Clinton Hill - including developments on private property and possiblities on long-vacant property owned by the State of NY.

Fulton & Vanderbilt
This project on Fulton Street, on the block between Clermont and Vanderbilt, has been a long time coming-originally approved in 2009. The project will fill what was a former parking lot with 363 apartments, 33,000 sq. ft of retail, and parking underground. Construction started in earnest in 2017. The developer, RXR Realty, anticipates construction will be completed in 2019. (Rendering: RXR Realty)

Fulton & Vanderbilt
Site of a mixed-use development at the gateway to Clinton Hill, on what was formerly a gas station. Plans include 39 residential units plus ground floor commercial/retail. (Rendering: Daten Group)

840 and 810 FULTON
Fulton & Vanderbilt
Seen together, the two developments going up simultaneously.

Between Fulton & Atlantic
This project just off Fulton Street in Clinton Hill, will include 190 residences plus ground floor commercial/retail. Steps from the Clinton/Washington C-train, the increase in foot traffic and potential new customers for FAB's businesses is tremendous. As of fall, 2017, the view from Fulton Street shows the structure is close to topping out. (Rendering: HTO Architect)

Between Downing & Irving Place
Vacant lot in photo above to be the site of another new 7-storey residential building with 8 apartments and ground-floor commercial/retail space - on Futon near Outpost Lounge. Construction activity started Fall 2017.

Between Downing & Irving Place
Soon to rise on a vacant lot (formerly a funeral parlor), this mixed-use developement will include 39 residential units and ground floor commercial/retail. In Fall of 2017, drilling started for "pilings" that will be installed to support the building and its foundation. The developer, the Hudson Companies, estimates a 24-month construction timeline, so completion, late 2019. (Rendering: Marvel Architects)

1024 FULTON 
at Irving Place

(JUNE 2019)
Press coverage shows the 2014 NY STATE legislative solution is now not happening. This property, owned by the state of New York for decades, continues to be a blight on the Fulton Street Commercial Corridor and negatively affecting the small businesses and residents of the surrounding communities. For details read the reporting at "The City",  and the article: LONG-AWAITED REVAMP OF STATE-OWNED BROOKLYN BUILDING COLLAPSES

(JULY 2018) 
For decades, this structure has stood vacant and been a blight on the eastern end of Fulton Street in Clinton Hill. Owned by the State of New York, it has long been FAB's goal to see this property developed in a way that benefits the community. In August 2014, Governor Cuomo signed legislation that allowed for the transfer of the property to the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation (NEBHDCO) of Bedford-Stuyvesant - and provided for a 1-year timeline for finalizing the transaction.

Four years later, as of July 2018, specific details about a project have not been released. The 2014 legislation signed into law included this description:  

"The Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation (NEBHDCo) plans to use this property for a mixed-use of affordable housing for the elderly and veterans, with complimentary social services and a mix of creative commercial and retail uses to provide a variety of goods and services. This is an appropriate and productive use of this unused state property. NEBHDCo's preliminary feasibility analysis of housing needs for elderly population in New York State indicated a growing demand for senior housing and assisted living facilities that enable the elderly to age in their current communities while being able to access necessary support services.  Ultimately, this project will benefit the dormant stretch of Fulton Street corridor by spurring economic development in the area." - NY Senate Bill S7698

And.... there are more projects expected to come to Fulton Street in 2018/19.
NOTE:  Some details reported on these development projects come - with our thanks - from the website:  newyorkyimby.com 

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