Fulton Bus Lanes, Loading Zones & Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Saturday, April 28, 2018

A number of changes are coming to Fulton Street that will impact businesses, residents, car drivers, riders of MTA buses, pedestrians… so almost everybody. It starts with the addition of dedicated bus lanes on Fulton Street in a program by the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT). Plus NEW Loading Zones created to support FAB Businesses. And measures designed to make Fulton Street safer for Pedestrians.


NYC/DOT Dedicated Bus Lanes


Currently there are dedicated bus lanes in Fort Greene. Dedicated bus lanes will soon continue through Fort Greene and Clinton Hill to Grand Avenue. (Not to be confused with Select Bus Service (SBS) where buses go express and bypass bus stops.)


When FAB was informed of the original proposal which called for dedicated Bus Lanes on BOTH sides of Fulton Street - during BOTH the morning and afternoon hours - FAB met with DOT to express its concerns about the potential negative impacts on FAB’s businesses. FAB also testified in writing and in-person at the Community Board public hearing. As a result, DOT modified their plans to include only on one side of Fulton during the morning rush (inbound), and the other side of Fulton (outbound) in the afternoon.


Working on behalf of its businesses, FAB secured a 50% cut in number of hours that was in the original DOT proposal.


FAB continued to advocate DOT on behalf of its businesses for a shorter block of time in the afternoon, but did not prevail. Instead of  4-7, the afternoon hours will be 2-7.


FAB Secures New Loading Zones



With the DOT plan moving forward, FAB continued to advocate for its businesses. FAB insisted that more loading zones be created along Fulton - a crucial issue for FAB businesses. The effort has been successful. Loading zones on several blocks are being added, and an existing high-volume loading zone will be extended to meet demand. These designated areas will allow businesses to send and receive deliveries without incurring fines. Metered parking will continue to be available outside these zones and their hours for customers who drive while visiting FAB Businesses.


Pedestrian Safety Improvements, too



Another part of the DOT project being implemented are curb extensions, also known as “bump outs”, at a number of intersections. These improvements shorten the distance for pedestrians to cross the street and opens sight lines making it easier for drivers to see pedestrians about to cross the street. The bump outs also force vehicles to make slower, more deliberate turns.

FAB testified in support of these curb extensions and bump outs. Safety for the people who walk in our neighborhood - young and old - is paramount. Planters will be placed as protective barriers at each of the bump outs. FAB will maintain the plantings as part of the organization’s beautification efforts.



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