NEW! Putnam Triangle Plaza Design Renderings

Putnam Triangle Plaza ReDesign - Proposed. Images: NYC DOT, DDC and ThomasBalsey Associates
Friday, October 9, 2015

UPDATE:  Designs approved by Public Design Commission. Construction projected to start late Spring 2018.

UPDATE: On April 8, 2015 the full board of Brooklyn Community Board 2 voted to approve the project. Ground-breaking is projected for later in 2016.

The community-based initiative to create a pedestrian plaza at Fulton Street and Grand Avenue in Brooklyn's neighborhood of Clinton Hill moved one-step further in the process on March 17, 2015 when the "Transportation and Public Safety Committee" of Brooklyn Community Board 2 voted 10-1 to support the design and construction of the plaza shown in the renderings below. Download the entire presentation here.

The presentation made to the Community Board committee includes background information on the project, neighborhood issues to be addressed, residential support and a MAP showing the overwhelming support of FAB Alliance businesses surrounding the plaza. Plus, important details on VISION ZERO statistics including a drop in total injuries of 76% at this location since the plaza was created in its current form in 2011.

Looking West on Fulton Street, at Grand Avenue. More trees for shade (the top request from the community), benches with backs as requested by area seniors, a flat surface with no curbs to walk up or down for easy navigating, rough gravel replaced with a smooth concrete surface for fewer skinned knees. Double the planted area, nearly twice as many trees and the same amount of open space as currently exists for community events, activities, chess and checkers, and outdoor movies.

Design of plaza shows a surface pattern in two shades of gray concrete. Not in a rigid grid pattern or something you'd see in a suburban office park. Additions include bike racks, water fountain, and moveable tables and chairs.

Public safety enhancements include opening up "sight lines" so all areas of the Plaza are visible. Here we see the view from cars along Fulton Street, looking towards Putnam and Grand. Lighting will also be increased dramatically for nightime safety.

This is view from Cambridge Place, looking East towards Grand Avenue. Multiple sites to showcase Public Art that reflects the vibrant community are built into the design plan. One of those proposed sites is shown above, to the right of the lightpost.

This map shows the overwhelming support for the design and construction of the Putnam Triangle Plaza by area businesses and property owners. Every business in green submitted a signed letter of support. Two chose to be listed as "neutral". In addition, 78 local residents - including Senior Citizens and families who are regular users of the Putnam Triangle Plaza submitted signed letters of support to the Community Board.

Input provided by the community at public workshops, through surveys and ongoing dialog played a substantial role in the proposed plans for the Putnam Triangle Plaza at Fulton, Grand and Putnam Avenues in South East Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The project is fully-funded and is  closer to being realized. See the entire presentation here. For questions about the project, see this NYC/DOT FACT SHEET. Next step:  review by the full board of Brooklyn Community Board 2 in April, 2015.

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